Chris Pratt, Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza at the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Screening After Party

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Solange - Locked in Closets // Pink

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花樣年華 (In The Mood For Love) (2000) | dir. Wong Kar-Wai

"Feelings can creep up, just like that. I thought I was in control."

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Colors of the Atacama Desert (Salta, Argentina) by Stéphane San Quirce.

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melbourne chinatown is really beautiful



fsog looks like the rapiest most disgusting film ever
i can’t wait for every asshole to rave about it

I especially love that people are worried the film will ruin the literary integrity of the book.

cackling that it clearly has a higher production budget than twilight though

you need to ask yourself honey… is he really cute? or is he just a white with a visible jawline?

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